Understanding, Creating and Using Categories

A WordPress “category” is used to organize postings by topic.  A category is normally designated by a word or perhaps a phrase.  WordPress automatically creates an “RSS feed” for each category.


The FSU News site uses WordPress “categories” to organize the content for its postings. By creating categories and then assigning one or more of them to each posting viewers are able to find postings that have something to do with “Lost and Found”, or “Press Releases”, or “In Memoriam”.

Another scenario would be if an instructor wanted to communicate with his course sections using a WordPress site.  The instructor, who is teaching three (3) sections of the same course, could create three (3) categories, one designating each section of the course.  Then the instructor could create a posting and assign one or more of the sections to it.  Maybe two classes meet the same number of days a week, and they are “in sync” with the readings, or test preparation.  The third class only meets once a week and their readings or tests are not given on the same day as the other two sections.  Or there may be an announcement that is the same for all three sections.  The instructor would only need to create one posting and assign all three section categories to it.  *Categorized postings can be requested by using the Category widget and selecting a specific category, or students might subscribe to the section category that applies to them.


The physical process of adding a new category includes the following steps:

Mouseover “Posts” and then click on “Categories” to open the Categories Menu.


From the Categories Menu below, you can view the current categories (currently only two:  General and Polls) and Add New Category by typing in a category name and clicking on Add New Category.  After a category is created, you can assign it to your existing or new postings.