Add a Poll to a Page/Post

It is easy to add a poll to a page/post in WordPress, after you activate the “Polldaddy Polls & Ratings” plugin.  Activating this plugin will create an “Add Poll” button above your page/post content editing buttons.

You need to get an API Key (code) from Polldaddy. Login to the Polldaddy website and scroll to the end of your account page to create or retrieve an API key.   Then, go to Settings and Polls and enter your API Key.

After the intial setup, go to the Content widow of your page/post and click on the “Add Poll” button.  Click on “Add New” and follow the steps to enter your poll questions and select the “look & feel” for your poll.  *These polls work well in WordPress and on mobile devices.  You can select an existing poll and “Embed in Post” and the correct shortcode will be added.

[polldaddy poll=8170934]

 [polldaddy poll=8163324]